Tuesday, August 31

da camara's "flowers for a smile" was a mission: accomplished

One of my favourite favourite Canadian artists Suzana da Camara recently completed what she likes to call Flowers for a Smile, as part of her "Missions of Kindness." My girl has recently undertaken a new venture entitled "Random Living" - and it is just that; random acts of kindness that bring smiles and love.

Her most recent mission is documented on her own blog - RandomLiving.com - and what a documentary it was; genuine, selfless and above all, heart-warming. Her story made me smile, laugh and caused a slight amount of welling in the old teardrops. An except:

She had these big beautiful light eyes that I could see from afar and there she sat, at the restaurant window looking somber as though she already waited 20 minutes longer than she should have. Eva, with a big smile on her face, approached her table and beautiful eyes JOLTED back and had this look on her face as though we had just been caught looking through her purse.

Eva gently gave her the flower and beautiful eyes asked "Why" and Eva said "Just Because" and all of a sudden the furrows between her eyebrows became a clean slate and her face lit up like she was on a balloon ride. She awkwardly twitched her head and said "Thank You" and openly reached over for the flower food in Eva's hand... She was going all the way with this gesture...

It really is a wonderful story and Suzana is quite a brilliant writer; a SUPREMELY talented lady! Not to mention... a phenomenal musical talent and entrepreneur. Click here to be experience some RandomLiving of your own ... You absolutely won't be disappointed!

Friday, August 27

emma watson's visit to bangladesh for people tree uk

My best girl Emma Watson recently took a trip to Bangladesh in order to better understand the conditions there and to see the process of her "Love by Emma" Clothing Collection coming together first hand. People Tree conducted an interview with her (which you can read via the link below) that is just so compelling and true. She is really really making a difference there. A video of her visit, as well as a preview of the line and some footage of her modelling her fave pieces is below:

You can really tell in the video that Emma acknowledges the VAST difference between the slums and the swallows (where people are able to earn at least a little bit of money by sewing for People Tree.) The difference on her face is obvious, she knows. She helps the children with their schoolwork, it is so sweet! I'm glad she also participated in the production of fabrics as well; dying yarn, working the loom and SEWING! The process is unbelievable! I know I enjoyed watching this - it was so interesting - and also because I could tell she really wanted to be there. I wish I had the talent and resources to make something like this happen and I am glad that someone who absolutely does is doing so!

Click Here to read the full press release of Emma's journey to Bangladesh (which includes photos from her trip and new Fall line-up) and how she hopes to change the lives of so many people with her "Love by Emma" Collection. You can also read what Emma had to say about her journey after the jump, as well as see some snaps from Bangladesh!

Tuesday, August 3

jessica simpson to speak at charity student leadership event

My girl Jessie Simps is a busy gal this year! Already confirmed for the 2010 Women's Conference, Jessica is now in Denver, Colorado speaking at the International Student Leadership Conference on behalf of her cherished organization Operation Smile as their International Youth Ambassador.

Triple threat Jessica Simpson – singer, actress, and a rocking philanthropist, that is – will bring her passion and resilience formed from years in the unforgiving entertainment industry to empower 500 college and high school students from 12 countries. The 4-day event, which starts on August 1, is Operation Smile’s 18th annual International Student Leadership Conference and will take place at the University of Denver in Colorado. As the keynote speaker, Jessica Simpson will try to get youth amped up about their theme – “Be the Change!” – promoting activism and change in their communities. The conference-meets-boot camp is designed to have youth participate and interact in teams to help each other develop a strong mentality and spread optimism.

An ambassador of eight years, Jessica Simpson is one of Operation Smile’s biggest celebrity supporters. Inspired by a collaboration of VH1 and Operation Smile where Simpson traveled the world filming a documentary tracking the lives of victims of cleft conditions, Simpson has helped launch a Smiles for Smiles campaign, where people are welcomed to upload photos of their smiles to VH1Smile.com, generating over 10,000 responses.

A Beautiful Me is Simpson’s latest project for the organization, where the Newlyweds star leads a campaign for the youth of the world to appreciate their inner beauty and follow in Simpson’s footsteps by spreading the work of Operation Smile and its mission, hence the International Student Leadership Conference. Having witnessed a cleft surgery and assisted Operation Smile on medical missions around the world and not to forget the honor of receiving Operation Smile’s Universal Smile Award in 2004, Jessica Simpson is a role model fitted for the change that the organization hopes to bring.

I'm going to go ahead and say that Jessica's devotion to philanthropy is probably the strongest out of all of her talents, well right now anyways. She is a woman of many, that's for sure. While her amazing voice was the first to be recognized, it is now on the back-burner, third in line to her charities, and fashion and footwear lines. While I love to jam to her beats in my cherished Jessica Simpson strappy wooden sandals, I'm glad her talent of most importance is currently receiving the most attention.

daniel radcliffe records psa for lgbt charity

Harry Potter himself - Daniel Radcliffe - has recorded a lovely segment for the Trevor Project, which is an organization focused on support for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Questioning) teens. Of course, this is something close to my own heart, as I just spent five years surrounded by hot topics in the field of human sexuality, such as LGBT issues, among others.

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe has lent a powerful voice to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining crisis support and suicide prevention amongst the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) teen community. His commitment to this cause hits close to home: “It’s something I’ve always been quite passionate about. Because I grew up around gay men, it was always a natural thing to me.”

Taking to the camera to record a public service announcement, Radcliffe unveils alternative solutions to reckless suicide: “If you’re feeling helpless or hopeless, there’s always a safe place to turn.”

In his public service announcement, the actor relays a principle message to his listeners, “Be proud of who you are.”

This article is from a little while back but I don't think I was blogging at the time. Anyways I recalled reading it when I was doing some digging for Harry Potter news and came across it again. I'm so glad Daniel is putting himself out front and using his immense popularity and influence in order to bring the Trevor Project to a greater population. I've known about Dan's many projects, as I've been obsessed with him a fan of his ever since he was cast as Potter. I know he is also heavily involved with Demelza House (a charity for children with life-threatening illnesses) and reaches out to his fans asking for donations in lieu of sending him birthday and Christmas gifts, which is so responsible of him. Read more from this article after the jump.

Wednesday, July 21

sandra bullock, blake lively and others speak up on behalf of 'gulf coast'

A few of my favourite folks ever have gotten together in order to do some promo work for the Gulf Coast disaster. They've teamed up with "Be the One" which is an effort of the 'Women of the Storm' organization.

Much like the Gulf Coast, Sandra Bullock certainly knows a thing or two about being blindsided.

The Oscar winner has joined forces with the likes of Blake Lively, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews and other famous folks to encourage others to sign a petition demanding that leaders take the necessary steps to restore and protect the Gulf Coast in the wake of the recent oil spill.

“What can you offer?” asks Sandra. “Your voice. Speak up.”

Sign it. Share it. Be the One.

SO glad to see my best girls Sandy and Blake (as well as my favourite chef, Emeril) doing some work in order to bring aid to those (including animals and wildlife) who need it. Hopefully little to no more damage will be done to the area and the natural environment can be restored to its prior beauty. The more support they get, the better their odds right? I signed my name for sure, using a NYC Zip Code, lol. Hey, it's better than nothing right?! View more info about the cause as well as the Restore the Gulf TV Spot after the jump.

hils-d looking fabulicious

Just wanted to send a shout out to my girl Hils-D who was looking utterly FABULOUS while shopping late last week. The girl wears 4 inch heels on regular basis... My idol! I guess that what happens when you gotta go to Gucci...


Thanks to my fave Hilary fansite, Hilary Vault for the snaps!

Tuesday, July 6

jordin sparks talks charity

American Idol Season 6 Winner Jordin Sparks gave Look To The Stars an exclusive interview in which she discussed her heavy involvement with her numerous charities. I didn't realize she was up to so much lately! It seems any new music is kind of on the back-burner while she tackles the stage/rescues the world.

Wholesome, talented and sincere are the three words that come to mind when speaking of the Grammy-nominated 2007 “American Idol” winner, Jordin Sparks. Sparks is currently on her first headlining tour through mid-July in support of her second album, “Battlefield,” before heading to Broadway to star in “In The Heights.” Yet despite her busy schedule, Sparks relentlessly uses her name for good.

While maintaining a strong connection with her fan base, she’s using social media networks such as Twitter to inspire fan involvement with a number of causes including Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, the X The TXT campaign and the Sparks Charities Foundation. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear Jordins heartbeat pulsating within an entire generation of fans out there making changes within their own communities.

It’s hard to image that – at only 20-years old – a mega-star her age is more interested in Tweeting about causes rather than the color of her shoes, which makes her not only relevant, but important. And this is just one reason why Look to the Stars was pleased to speak with this inspirational icon.

Wow... an "inspirational icon." Looks like they only have good things to say about Miss Sparks. She's def making a difference in her own backyard, which we, 9 times out of 10, forget to do. Click Here to read her full interview with LooktotheStars.org

Monday, June 28

kristin cavallari talks "OneKid OneWorld"

LookToTheStars.org has posted an exclusive interview with Kristin Cavallari about her involvement with the charity OneKid OneWorld, which aims to provide education to children across the globe, in whatever situation they're in, by creating and/or enhancing athletics and education programs. Though K-Cav is quite new to the charity - her first trip to Ecuador was this past January - I am glad to see a young person putting their assets towards an amazing cause. I must admit, I was def surprised to see someone like Kristin getting in touch with her philanthropic side (I honestly didn't see it in her) but as long as the girl keeps choosing donating over drama, she'll stay in my good books. Especially cause I only liked her on Laguna anyways. Her interview and appearance at a fund-raising even is below.

ryan reynolds appearing in two shows of "celebrity autobiography

Now, here's one of my favourite future husbands putting both his hotness and humour to good use. Ryan Reynolds will be appearing in the stage show "Celebrity Autobiography" in which - get this - celebs read other stars' autobiographies word for word and make comments... Yeaaahhh, if that's not the recipe for a real riot, I don't know what is.

An A-list of stars will take to the stage July 11 at Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré for two shows of “Celebrity Autobiography,” including Bryan Batt (“Mad Men”), Mario Cantone (“Sex and the City”), Jennifer Coolidge (“American Pie”), John Goodman (“Treme”) as well as Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel, who developed the show, and Ryan Reynolds, who is in town shooting “Green Lantern.”

Ryan Reynolds is among the actors scheduled to take the stage in ‘Celebrity Autobiography’ on July 11 at Le Petit Theatre.

The best part about this? (Besides of course, Reynold's glorious six-pack and sensual charm?) Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will be going to a Gulf Oil Spill Relief Fund. Love love love this! Totes wish I could make it out, not just for my future hubby, but this is definitely the type of show that'd make me howl. You can read more about the show/cause after the jump =)

Saturday, June 26

angelina jolie spends father's day weekend visiting haiti

Just days after visiting with Ecuadorian refugees, Angelina made her way over to Haiti to provide still-needed support to the victims of the earthquake that shattered the country early this year.

Looks like Angelina Jolie didn't help Brad Pitt celebrate Father's Day this year.

The actress, 35, made a surprise trip to Haiti over the weekend instead.

No word if her longtime beau, 46, or their brood were with her.

During her secret fact-finding trip, the U.N. goodwill ambassador met with U.N. and Haitian officials -- including Haiti’s President Rene Preval -- to discuss Haitian children left homeless and orphaned by the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake.

According to the Associated Press, she also visited the United Nations Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH) log base, where she was the star attraction at a reception.

This woman never slows down. I don't get it... I have one four-hour night's sleep and I'm a belligerent train-wreck for like, six months solid. Well, God bless her then. I'm sure aiding people in the most terrible of situations is what keeps her trucking; grabbing some Grade-F java before hitting the office for 8 hours does not, unfortunately, inspire me to the point of sleepless nights.

just what is jessica simpson reading this summer?

People Mag connected with my girl J-Simps to find out what she'd be reading over the Summer. (Jessica-Simpson-Can't-Read-Dumb-Blonde jokes can check their baggage at the door please.) Looks like she's got a great list compiled full of crime, cooking and conscious thought!

Jessica Simpson is looking for a mix of inspiration and intrigue this summer judging by the eclectic group of books she has lined up to read on her Kindle. The singer-actress, who turns 30 in July, is set to unveil her summer reading list on Amazon.com.

Her choices range from cookbooks to good old-fashioned crime and mystery novels. The list also has an international flavor, perhaps reflecting the time Simpson spent abroad shooting her reality show, The Price of Beauty.

I absolutely adored 'the Price of Beauty.' I cried every single ep. It was a real eye-opener for me (and her, as that was the whole point) to find out what other cultures value as beauty and the extremes women go to. Not unlike our own culture, some women's quest ended with horrifying, unalterable results. I'm glad Jess decided to take a journey like the one she did. And she's received so much support because of it. I mean, she's been invited to the Women's Conference so they obviously believe she has something important to say. So it looks like this new and true Jessica is here to stay and with that comes a profound and exciting reading list, lol. You can find Jessica's book list after the jump =)

us weekly's list of star do-gooders

US Weekly has compiled a list of 13 celebs who continually support charities and foundations, including stars like Brad and Angelina, Jen Aniston, Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more. It's just a cute little read about what these folks do to support the unprivileged, mentally handicapped, physically disabled and disaster victims. Give my girl Hils-D (who supports 'Blessings in a Backpack') a clicky to read for yourself!

miley cyrus debuts shorter hairdo

Thaaaaaaank youuuuuuu for this one! Miley "I'm-not-trying-to-be-slutty" Cyrus has finally rid herself and the world of her tatty, waist-length extensions and burnt pumpkin-hue and is now sporting a healthier, more natural head of hair. I never thought this day would come.

Miley Cyrus took it off!

A few inches off the bottom of her hair, at least.

The 17-year-old ditched her waist-length extensions for a lighter, shoulder-length wavy hairdo, which she debuted at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Canada, Sunday night.

Ugh, I hope more and more celebs (and regular peeps included) ditch disgusting extensions in favour of showing their (could it be?) real hair. I've always hated extensions for a number of reasons... One, because it's not cool if people know they're extensions. It's like asking me to feel your boob job. Don't tell us, DUH. Two, people get them so damn long that it's so unrealistic that you obviously assume their hair is fake. And that looks custy. And three, you have dead hair SEWN onto your scalp. I'm even disgusted by my own ends, never mind dead-for-real dead ends that used to belong to someone else. God, I was so over this before this was even popular. Read more about Miles' defending her new trampyness after the break.

Friday, June 25

twilight's ashley green "doesn't do the diet thing anymore"

Ashley Greene of Twilight fame was Women's Health's July/August cover-girl and damn, was she looking smoking hot of the cover. I am fully jealous... Noooooo bigs...

Eclipse's Ashley Greene admits that despite the pressure for actresses to be skinny, she doesn't want a pin-thin frame.

"A lot of people like to be supertiny, but I don't want a child's body," she tells the July/August issue of Women's Health. "I want a woman's body that's extremely fit. It's so much sexier."

The 23-year-old actress did "side planks for my obliques, which are one of my trouble areas" while gearing up for the action scenes in Eclipse.

"And traditional planks tone your back so you don't have that little bit of fat hanging over your bra," Greene adds.

But the 5-foot-5 star says that even though she's an avid gym-goer, she isn't one to count calories.

"I don't do the diet thing anymore," Greene admits. "I'm a big believer in feeding your body what it needs. Deny yourself something and you're going to end up shoving your face full of it."

It seems like she has a good head on her shoulders and is surrounded by a great network of people who value true beauty and working hard. I am SO happy to see someone who believes in being fit and staying healthy the natural way is advocating working hard and not dieting. So many people want things the easy way and usually resort to starving themselves (obv, myself NOT included) instead of workin' up a sweat for once. Hopefully young girls and women will see how amazzzze Ashley looks and will be inspired in a whole other way; fitness is sexier! I mean, look at those abs, hot dang. I'd better hit the gym!

lauren's latest milk moustache

Lauren Conrad is the latest celeb to be gracing the popular "Got Milk" ad campaign, having been photographed with that famous milk moustache for the second time.

"I attend lots of high-profile events, so it's important to me to always look and feel my best," said Conrad. "I know it's about making good choices regularly, like eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of milk. Milk's nine essential nutrients are my beauty secret for healthy, glowing skin and strong teeth, hair and nails."

I love that uber-popular stars don this famous moustache to promote something as boring as milk! Though she no longer appears on the Hills, judging by the recent success of her two books, LC is seemingly still a popular gal and influence on young ladies. Good to see she is all for healthy bones and hair! Lauren was also the long-time face of mark (only recently replaced by Ashley Greene of Twilight) which is all about great cosmetics and an empowering message, such as ending domestic violence. Read more about Lauren's involvement in the campaign after the jump!

celebs doing telethon to aid oil spill victims

While it absolutely pains me to think that this silly oil spill is still blasting oil into the gulf and destroying miles of beach and polluting so many creatures, I was glad to hear the several celebrities are doing a telethon to aid victims of the oil spill.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Bieber are among the stars participating in a telethon Monday to benefit victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Other stars who will appear on the special two-hour edition of Larry King Live: Ted Danson, Lenny Kravitz, Randy Jackson, Jenny McCarthy, Tim McGraw, Alyssa Milano, Robert Redford, Ian Somerhalder, Melania and Ivanka Trump, Victoria Principal, Edward James Olmos, Pete Wentz, as well as a performance by Sting.

Ryan Seacrest will host a special online "Social Suite" for those viewers participating via Facebook and Twitter.

The telethon will benefit the United Way, the National Wildlife Federation and the Nature Conservancy, among other relief organizations.

While a telethon is probably not the most effective way to send aid (ie. get down there and help clean up!), it's at least something. Anything will help those affected by this disaster at this point. I heard on the radio that the best way to help would be to keep the tourism up, as its Florida's biggest moneymaker. I will definitely be doing my part to help the Gulf Coast - I already spend a week in Madeira Beach (tourism donation, yes?) and I hope to donate to one of the relief funds, at the very least.

Wednesday, June 23

sandra bullock joins ‘nashville rising: a benefit concert for flood recovery’

One of my favourite favourite and under-recognized actresses - even after her Oscar - Sandra Bullock made an appearance in Nashville this week to aid residents affected by the recent massive flooding in Tennessee.

Nashville Rising was as much a celebration of Music City as it was a flood-relief benefit concert. Star after star — including surprise visitor Sandra Bullock — professed their love and admiration for the city and its people, who have been praised for handling one of the state's most destructive natural disasters with grace, dignity and charity.

Bullock, who was in "The Blind Side" with Tim McGraw, came on stage late in the show. "So listen," she told the crowd. "They say a community is only as strong as it's weakest link, right? From the look of it, there are no weak links in this community."
Bullock said she told McGraw she could stage a wardrobe malfunction or a few comedic pieces for the crowd but soon realized she needed to do something more.

"I'm going to contribute some music and I'm going to bring the house down and I'm going to do it Nashville style," she said before strapping on an acoustic guitar and sitting in front of a microphone. "If I can have some quiet please," she said. She pieced out the opening riff of "Smoke On The Water" to some of the night's loudest cheers, before introducing Hill. "That's good stuff isn't it?" Hill said. "Sign that girl right away."

You can always leave it to Sandie to bring both the laughs and the sincerity with an absolute genuineness that no one else comes close to. I'm glad she made it out to Nashville - along with some of my other favourite gals, namely T-Swift - to help out the victims of the flood, even when she herself, may be hurting a little inside. What a peach =) You can check out a vid of Sandra introducing Faith Hill après la saut!

maria shriver, oprah, jessica simpson & more joining forces

My homegirl J-Simps has been invited to participate in the "2010 Women's Conference" in California this Fall. I'm not sure as the the extent of her appearance - whether or not she will be speaking, yada yada - however, I do love the difference she is trying to make in the lives of women, through empowerment and true beauty. I think it's wonderful that she's attending.

It takes quite the woman to get these heavy hitters mobilized for a cause! Oprah Winfrey, Robert Redford, Jessica Simpson, Deepak Chopra and Laura Ling are among the newsmakers and Hollywood names slated to headline at the Women's Conference 2010 hosted by California First Lady Maria Shriver and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With a mission of "empowering, inspiring and educating women", the annual conference expands to three days this year, Shriver will announce Thursday. It kicks off in Long Beach, Calif., on Sunday, October 24, with a March on Alzheimer's to raise awareness and funds to fight the disease.

From what I've heard so far, this is something that I would love to attend. Just SO many inspirational and enlightening speakers. And to think my girl is going to be up there with DEEPAK! Also speaking are Kim Barnouin (Skinny Bitch), Erin Brockovich, Cat Cora, Giada DeLaurentiis, my mother-effing LADY Sally Field, Donna Karan (DKNY), Jillian Michaels, Suze Orman (and her jackets), Howard Shultz, Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss) and my girl Jess!! Anyone want to donate a round-tripper and a few nights accom to the "Vanessa Eve B.A. Charity for Poor SMF Students?" Either way... I'm going! More after the jump =)

emma watson is "classy"

Vanity Fair is featuring a book by Derek Blasberg called “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady" which features none other than my best girl, Emma Watson. Does the girl have ANY flaws?

In the book Blasberg goes through the qualities that define classy women in the twenty-first century – one of the models he uses to illustrate his examples is none other than Emma! Accompanying a brief blurb is a quaint little photo!

When you write a book about classy women, people tend to want to know whom you consider the classiest of all. And while I’ve just listed about two dozen shining examples, the one I think of most is actress Emma Watson. In the public eye since the age of nine, in the most successful movie franchise of the first decade of the millennium, and a veritable fashion force—it might be easy for such a person to lose her footing in the real world. But not Emma: smart (she goes to an Ivy League school), thoughtful (she doesn’t forget birthdays), and sweet (her go-to gift is a delicious fruit basket, as I learned in April), Emma is aces! Here she is at Sonia Rykiel’s 30th-anniversary party, in Paris, in October 2008.

The girl doesn't even forget birthdays. God I love her...

Sunday, June 20

angelina jolie puts a smile on the faces of refugee children on mercy mission to ecuador

As far as celebrities helping out underprivileged people Angelina Jolie pretty much takes the cake. As someone who donates so much of her time to global issues as well as a good sum from her movie earnings to those who need it more than she does, the woman is a saint on Earth.

Angelina Jolie left Brad Pitt at home with their brood in LA to spend time with refugee children in northern Ecuador this week. The UN Goodwill Ambassador, who was dressed in a white vest and jeans, visited a local daycare centre where she shared a laugh with little ones while playing with a toy set.

The Wanted actress is drawing attention to the plight of thousands who fled the conflict in Colombia to start a new life on the other side of the Ecuadorian-Colombian border.

This woman just gives, gives, gives... If every celeb gave even a tenth of she gives I could only imagine the vast difference it would make. Even us ordinary folks could give a little more right? Despite how us students may feel at times there are ultimately people who are way poorer and worse off than we are. Read more about Ang's mission after the jump.

Tuesday, June 15

why we back emma watson's 'people tree' line

Though Emma Watson released her line of eco-friendly duds this past Spring, she's now taking the time (after a busy year of post-sec at Brown and wrapping the last HP film on the 12th *cries*) to talk about her line, why she got involved with People Tree and her inspiration behind the "very British" designs.

Emma Watson's new clothing line collaboration with People Tree is not only eco-friendly, but it will help countries in need, as well. That's why we back Emma's new venture 100 percent.

The UK brand People Tree is known for being a fair-trade company. What does that mean? Well, they basically work with developing countries -- paying higher prices for their locally-grown cotton, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, stitching etc. -- to help get them out of poverty and promote sustainability.

"The first time I heard about fair trade was during a geography coursework project, and I remember thinking, 'Why isn't everything fair trade?'" the 19-year-old tells the Daily Mail.

"Everyone knows about fair-trade bananas and coffee, but of course anything can be fair trade. Fair-trade fashion costs a bit more but allows those who make it to earn a decent living; to be able to take care of their families and live with dignity."

Ah, I can't say enough about my bff Em... She really does it for me. Beauty, smarts, class... She is definitely one of my favourite favourite people. And I wish more and more celebs would start clothing lines based on great, ethical decisions rather than just making shit for the public to consume. (Ahem, anyone check out Lohan's Legging collection? Didn't hope think so.) Read more after the jump!

Wednesday, June 2

taylor swift to meet fans for 13 hours

Taylor Swift has announced that she will spend 13 hours talking to fans at the upcoming CMA Music Festival.

The 'Teardrops On My Guitar' singer will greet members of the public at a free event between 8am and 9pm at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on June 13. She will also perform an acoustic set at around 2pm.

In a statement posted on her official website, she said: "Thirteen is my lucky number and the 13th is during Music Fest, so I think spending 13 hours with my fans is going to be amazing."

Swift recently surprised fans at an event at Auburn University, when she turned up to greet two college students who had started a campaign aiming to secure a hug from her.

What an unreal way to thank your fans! And for free! Taylor has always struck me as someone who really gives back to the people who support her. AND she's humble about it. Read more after the jump about why Taylor decided to host this awesome event... and to reiterate, FOR FREE!!

jessica simpson to receive the 2010 dove® real beauty award

Alliance for Women in Media and Dove®, the global beauty brand, announce that Jessica Simpson is the recipient of the 2010 Dove Real Beauty Award. The award will be presented at the 35th Annual Gracie Awards Gala on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

Alliance for Women in Media and Dove created the Dove Real Beauty Award to honor an individual who best embodies and expresses the “substance and spirit” of real beauty through her life and career. As an entertainer and business woman growing up in the spotlight, Jessica Simpson represents real women’s challenges with beauty and demonstrates how to face them with grace and courage. Jessica is now using her own experiences to inspire and encourage women everywhere to believe in themselves.

Although this event has already passed, I thought it was still important to post. Jessica Simpson has always been - and probably always will be - one of my favourite people. The fact that she is on her own quest to find true beauty just makes her that much more wonderful. Who goes make-up free and untouched on a mag cover these days? I just love her! Read more about Jess' fabulous award and Dove's Real Beauty Mission after the jump...


Ahhhhhh, well... This is a bit daunting. My first blog post... for my first blog. Ever.

The whole point of this is: I wanted to create a place on the Internet where celebs could only be appreciated. Now, everyone who knows me - and who are at the moment, undoubtedly, the only folks reading this! - know I love my share of celeb sites, where their outfits, hairstyles, divorces, cellulite, fake boobs, bad dye jobs, etc, etc, are gossiped about and more often than not, trashed. One day, I decided I was tired of it. I was tired of reading about my favourite ladies and gents in a negative way.

So I created celebritivity - "celebrity positivity."

Even if it becomes only for myself, I wanted a little niche on the WWW where people can be appreciated and admired for all the things weight gain and break-ups seem to trump.

Here you will find inspiring news about my favourite celebs, at least, and maybe down the road, it will make you consider others - including celebs - in a more positive light.

Now, to the true beauty!

xo, V