Friday, August 27

emma watson's visit to bangladesh for people tree uk

My best girl Emma Watson recently took a trip to Bangladesh in order to better understand the conditions there and to see the process of her "Love by Emma" Clothing Collection coming together first hand. People Tree conducted an interview with her (which you can read via the link below) that is just so compelling and true. She is really really making a difference there. A video of her visit, as well as a preview of the line and some footage of her modelling her fave pieces is below:

You can really tell in the video that Emma acknowledges the VAST difference between the slums and the swallows (where people are able to earn at least a little bit of money by sewing for People Tree.) The difference on her face is obvious, she knows. She helps the children with their schoolwork, it is so sweet! I'm glad she also participated in the production of fabrics as well; dying yarn, working the loom and SEWING! The process is unbelievable! I know I enjoyed watching this - it was so interesting - and also because I could tell she really wanted to be there. I wish I had the talent and resources to make something like this happen and I am glad that someone who absolutely does is doing so!

Click Here to read the full press release of Emma's journey to Bangladesh (which includes photos from her trip and new Fall line-up) and how she hopes to change the lives of so many people with her "Love by Emma" Collection. You can also read what Emma had to say about her journey after the jump, as well as see some snaps from Bangladesh!

Here is what Emma had to say about her journey:

Following my summer collection for People Tree, I wanted to visit Bangladesh with Safia to see the difference Fair Trade makes. The contrast between the slums in Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) where the people who work in the garment factories live and Swallows (the Fair Trade community supported by People Tree) was all too apparent.

I still find it hard to convey what Fair Trade means to those producing our fashion - it's just so impressive to see how the women have used Fair Trade clothing to escape poverty and empower themselves and their children. I was very moved and inspired.

Although I wasn't centrally involved in the design of this collection, I had great fun in helping Safia select some gorgeous Fair Trade textiles - a dogtooth hand woven check, cable knits, soft organic jerseys and the first Fair Trade hand woven brushed checked fabric which has been made into easy tulip skirts, dresses and shirts.

There are even a few party dresses, such as the little black satin tulip dress which can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion! I have picked out some of my favourite pieces which I have modelled for People Tree.

I want to congratulate People Tree on this new range and really hope people continue to buy these clothes and to support their great work in the promotion of Fair Trade.

Love Emma, xx

Emma just continually blows me away. She is just so knowledgeable when it comes to her passions and is so well-informed. If she wants to know something, there is no stopping her. I sense a real desire to understand, a quench for knowledge and to reach out to people who are less fortunate than her. I. Just. Love. Her!

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