Tuesday, August 31

da camara's "flowers for a smile" was a mission: accomplished

One of my favourite favourite Canadian artists Suzana da Camara recently completed what she likes to call Flowers for a Smile, as part of her "Missions of Kindness." My girl has recently undertaken a new venture entitled "Random Living" - and it is just that; random acts of kindness that bring smiles and love.

Her most recent mission is documented on her own blog - RandomLiving.com - and what a documentary it was; genuine, selfless and above all, heart-warming. Her story made me smile, laugh and caused a slight amount of welling in the old teardrops. An except:

She had these big beautiful light eyes that I could see from afar and there she sat, at the restaurant window looking somber as though she already waited 20 minutes longer than she should have. Eva, with a big smile on her face, approached her table and beautiful eyes JOLTED back and had this look on her face as though we had just been caught looking through her purse.

Eva gently gave her the flower and beautiful eyes asked "Why" and Eva said "Just Because" and all of a sudden the furrows between her eyebrows became a clean slate and her face lit up like she was on a balloon ride. She awkwardly twitched her head and said "Thank You" and openly reached over for the flower food in Eva's hand... She was going all the way with this gesture...

It really is a wonderful story and Suzana is quite a brilliant writer; a SUPREMELY talented lady! Not to mention... a phenomenal musical talent and entrepreneur. Click here to be experience some RandomLiving of your own ... You absolutely won't be disappointed!

Friday, August 27

emma watson's visit to bangladesh for people tree uk

My best girl Emma Watson recently took a trip to Bangladesh in order to better understand the conditions there and to see the process of her "Love by Emma" Clothing Collection coming together first hand. People Tree conducted an interview with her (which you can read via the link below) that is just so compelling and true. She is really really making a difference there. A video of her visit, as well as a preview of the line and some footage of her modelling her fave pieces is below:

You can really tell in the video that Emma acknowledges the VAST difference between the slums and the swallows (where people are able to earn at least a little bit of money by sewing for People Tree.) The difference on her face is obvious, she knows. She helps the children with their schoolwork, it is so sweet! I'm glad she also participated in the production of fabrics as well; dying yarn, working the loom and SEWING! The process is unbelievable! I know I enjoyed watching this - it was so interesting - and also because I could tell she really wanted to be there. I wish I had the talent and resources to make something like this happen and I am glad that someone who absolutely does is doing so!

Click Here to read the full press release of Emma's journey to Bangladesh (which includes photos from her trip and new Fall line-up) and how she hopes to change the lives of so many people with her "Love by Emma" Collection. You can also read what Emma had to say about her journey after the jump, as well as see some snaps from Bangladesh!

Tuesday, August 3

jessica simpson to speak at charity student leadership event

My girl Jessie Simps is a busy gal this year! Already confirmed for the 2010 Women's Conference, Jessica is now in Denver, Colorado speaking at the International Student Leadership Conference on behalf of her cherished organization Operation Smile as their International Youth Ambassador.

Triple threat Jessica Simpson – singer, actress, and a rocking philanthropist, that is – will bring her passion and resilience formed from years in the unforgiving entertainment industry to empower 500 college and high school students from 12 countries. The 4-day event, which starts on August 1, is Operation Smile’s 18th annual International Student Leadership Conference and will take place at the University of Denver in Colorado. As the keynote speaker, Jessica Simpson will try to get youth amped up about their theme – “Be the Change!” – promoting activism and change in their communities. The conference-meets-boot camp is designed to have youth participate and interact in teams to help each other develop a strong mentality and spread optimism.

An ambassador of eight years, Jessica Simpson is one of Operation Smile’s biggest celebrity supporters. Inspired by a collaboration of VH1 and Operation Smile where Simpson traveled the world filming a documentary tracking the lives of victims of cleft conditions, Simpson has helped launch a Smiles for Smiles campaign, where people are welcomed to upload photos of their smiles to VH1Smile.com, generating over 10,000 responses.

A Beautiful Me is Simpson’s latest project for the organization, where the Newlyweds star leads a campaign for the youth of the world to appreciate their inner beauty and follow in Simpson’s footsteps by spreading the work of Operation Smile and its mission, hence the International Student Leadership Conference. Having witnessed a cleft surgery and assisted Operation Smile on medical missions around the world and not to forget the honor of receiving Operation Smile’s Universal Smile Award in 2004, Jessica Simpson is a role model fitted for the change that the organization hopes to bring.

I'm going to go ahead and say that Jessica's devotion to philanthropy is probably the strongest out of all of her talents, well right now anyways. She is a woman of many, that's for sure. While her amazing voice was the first to be recognized, it is now on the back-burner, third in line to her charities, and fashion and footwear lines. While I love to jam to her beats in my cherished Jessica Simpson strappy wooden sandals, I'm glad her talent of most importance is currently receiving the most attention.

daniel radcliffe records psa for lgbt charity

Harry Potter himself - Daniel Radcliffe - has recorded a lovely segment for the Trevor Project, which is an organization focused on support for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Questioning) teens. Of course, this is something close to my own heart, as I just spent five years surrounded by hot topics in the field of human sexuality, such as LGBT issues, among others.

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe has lent a powerful voice to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining crisis support and suicide prevention amongst the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) teen community. His commitment to this cause hits close to home: “It’s something I’ve always been quite passionate about. Because I grew up around gay men, it was always a natural thing to me.”

Taking to the camera to record a public service announcement, Radcliffe unveils alternative solutions to reckless suicide: “If you’re feeling helpless or hopeless, there’s always a safe place to turn.”

In his public service announcement, the actor relays a principle message to his listeners, “Be proud of who you are.”

This article is from a little while back but I don't think I was blogging at the time. Anyways I recalled reading it when I was doing some digging for Harry Potter news and came across it again. I'm so glad Daniel is putting himself out front and using his immense popularity and influence in order to bring the Trevor Project to a greater population. I've known about Dan's many projects, as I've been obsessed with him a fan of his ever since he was cast as Potter. I know he is also heavily involved with Demelza House (a charity for children with life-threatening illnesses) and reaches out to his fans asking for donations in lieu of sending him birthday and Christmas gifts, which is so responsible of him. Read more from this article after the jump.

Wednesday, July 21

sandra bullock, blake lively and others speak up on behalf of 'gulf coast'

A few of my favourite folks ever have gotten together in order to do some promo work for the Gulf Coast disaster. They've teamed up with "Be the One" which is an effort of the 'Women of the Storm' organization.

Much like the Gulf Coast, Sandra Bullock certainly knows a thing or two about being blindsided.

The Oscar winner has joined forces with the likes of Blake Lively, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews and other famous folks to encourage others to sign a petition demanding that leaders take the necessary steps to restore and protect the Gulf Coast in the wake of the recent oil spill.

“What can you offer?” asks Sandra. “Your voice. Speak up.”

Sign it. Share it. Be the One.

SO glad to see my best girls Sandy and Blake (as well as my favourite chef, Emeril) doing some work in order to bring aid to those (including animals and wildlife) who need it. Hopefully little to no more damage will be done to the area and the natural environment can be restored to its prior beauty. The more support they get, the better their odds right? I signed my name for sure, using a NYC Zip Code, lol. Hey, it's better than nothing right?! View more info about the cause as well as the Restore the Gulf TV Spot after the jump.

hils-d looking fabulicious

Just wanted to send a shout out to my girl Hils-D who was looking utterly FABULOUS while shopping late last week. The girl wears 4 inch heels on regular basis... My idol! I guess that what happens when you gotta go to Gucci...


Thanks to my fave Hilary fansite, Hilary Vault for the snaps!

Tuesday, July 6

jordin sparks talks charity

American Idol Season 6 Winner Jordin Sparks gave Look To The Stars an exclusive interview in which she discussed her heavy involvement with her numerous charities. I didn't realize she was up to so much lately! It seems any new music is kind of on the back-burner while she tackles the stage/rescues the world.

Wholesome, talented and sincere are the three words that come to mind when speaking of the Grammy-nominated 2007 “American Idol” winner, Jordin Sparks. Sparks is currently on her first headlining tour through mid-July in support of her second album, “Battlefield,” before heading to Broadway to star in “In The Heights.” Yet despite her busy schedule, Sparks relentlessly uses her name for good.

While maintaining a strong connection with her fan base, she’s using social media networks such as Twitter to inspire fan involvement with a number of causes including Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, the X The TXT campaign and the Sparks Charities Foundation. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear Jordins heartbeat pulsating within an entire generation of fans out there making changes within their own communities.

It’s hard to image that – at only 20-years old – a mega-star her age is more interested in Tweeting about causes rather than the color of her shoes, which makes her not only relevant, but important. And this is just one reason why Look to the Stars was pleased to speak with this inspirational icon.

Wow... an "inspirational icon." Looks like they only have good things to say about Miss Sparks. She's def making a difference in her own backyard, which we, 9 times out of 10, forget to do. Click Here to read her full interview with LooktotheStars.org

Monday, June 28

kristin cavallari talks "OneKid OneWorld"

LookToTheStars.org has posted an exclusive interview with Kristin Cavallari about her involvement with the charity OneKid OneWorld, which aims to provide education to children across the globe, in whatever situation they're in, by creating and/or enhancing athletics and education programs. Though K-Cav is quite new to the charity - her first trip to Ecuador was this past January - I am glad to see a young person putting their assets towards an amazing cause. I must admit, I was def surprised to see someone like Kristin getting in touch with her philanthropic side (I honestly didn't see it in her) but as long as the girl keeps choosing donating over drama, she'll stay in my good books. Especially cause I only liked her on Laguna anyways. Her interview and appearance at a fund-raising even is below.