Tuesday, August 31

da camara's "flowers for a smile" was a mission: accomplished

One of my favourite favourite Canadian artists Suzana da Camara recently completed what she likes to call Flowers for a Smile, as part of her "Missions of Kindness." My girl has recently undertaken a new venture entitled "Random Living" - and it is just that; random acts of kindness that bring smiles and love.

Her most recent mission is documented on her own blog - RandomLiving.com - and what a documentary it was; genuine, selfless and above all, heart-warming. Her story made me smile, laugh and caused a slight amount of welling in the old teardrops. An except:

She had these big beautiful light eyes that I could see from afar and there she sat, at the restaurant window looking somber as though she already waited 20 minutes longer than she should have. Eva, with a big smile on her face, approached her table and beautiful eyes JOLTED back and had this look on her face as though we had just been caught looking through her purse.

Eva gently gave her the flower and beautiful eyes asked "Why" and Eva said "Just Because" and all of a sudden the furrows between her eyebrows became a clean slate and her face lit up like she was on a balloon ride. She awkwardly twitched her head and said "Thank You" and openly reached over for the flower food in Eva's hand... She was going all the way with this gesture...

It really is a wonderful story and Suzana is quite a brilliant writer; a SUPREMELY talented lady! Not to mention... a phenomenal musical talent and entrepreneur. Click here to be experience some RandomLiving of your own ... You absolutely won't be disappointed!

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