Wednesday, June 23

sandra bullock joins ‘nashville rising: a benefit concert for flood recovery’

One of my favourite favourite and under-recognized actresses - even after her Oscar - Sandra Bullock made an appearance in Nashville this week to aid residents affected by the recent massive flooding in Tennessee.

Nashville Rising was as much a celebration of Music City as it was a flood-relief benefit concert. Star after star — including surprise visitor Sandra Bullock — professed their love and admiration for the city and its people, who have been praised for handling one of the state's most destructive natural disasters with grace, dignity and charity.

Bullock, who was in "The Blind Side" with Tim McGraw, came on stage late in the show. "So listen," she told the crowd. "They say a community is only as strong as it's weakest link, right? From the look of it, there are no weak links in this community."
Bullock said she told McGraw she could stage a wardrobe malfunction or a few comedic pieces for the crowd but soon realized she needed to do something more.

"I'm going to contribute some music and I'm going to bring the house down and I'm going to do it Nashville style," she said before strapping on an acoustic guitar and sitting in front of a microphone. "If I can have some quiet please," she said. She pieced out the opening riff of "Smoke On The Water" to some of the night's loudest cheers, before introducing Hill. "That's good stuff isn't it?" Hill said. "Sign that girl right away."

You can always leave it to Sandie to bring both the laughs and the sincerity with an absolute genuineness that no one else comes close to. I'm glad she made it out to Nashville - along with some of my other favourite gals, namely T-Swift - to help out the victims of the flood, even when she herself, may be hurting a little inside. What a peach =) You can check out a vid of Sandra introducing Faith Hill après la saut!

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