Friday, June 25

celebs doing telethon to aid oil spill victims

While it absolutely pains me to think that this silly oil spill is still blasting oil into the gulf and destroying miles of beach and polluting so many creatures, I was glad to hear the several celebrities are doing a telethon to aid victims of the oil spill.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Bieber are among the stars participating in a telethon Monday to benefit victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Other stars who will appear on the special two-hour edition of Larry King Live: Ted Danson, Lenny Kravitz, Randy Jackson, Jenny McCarthy, Tim McGraw, Alyssa Milano, Robert Redford, Ian Somerhalder, Melania and Ivanka Trump, Victoria Principal, Edward James Olmos, Pete Wentz, as well as a performance by Sting.

Ryan Seacrest will host a special online "Social Suite" for those viewers participating via Facebook and Twitter.

The telethon will benefit the United Way, the National Wildlife Federation and the Nature Conservancy, among other relief organizations.

While a telethon is probably not the most effective way to send aid (ie. get down there and help clean up!), it's at least something. Anything will help those affected by this disaster at this point. I heard on the radio that the best way to help would be to keep the tourism up, as its Florida's biggest moneymaker. I will definitely be doing my part to help the Gulf Coast - I already spend a week in Madeira Beach (tourism donation, yes?) and I hope to donate to one of the relief funds, at the very least.

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