Wednesday, June 2


Ahhhhhh, well... This is a bit daunting. My first blog post... for my first blog. Ever.

The whole point of this is: I wanted to create a place on the Internet where celebs could only be appreciated. Now, everyone who knows me - and who are at the moment, undoubtedly, the only folks reading this! - know I love my share of celeb sites, where their outfits, hairstyles, divorces, cellulite, fake boobs, bad dye jobs, etc, etc, are gossiped about and more often than not, trashed. One day, I decided I was tired of it. I was tired of reading about my favourite ladies and gents in a negative way.

So I created celebritivity - "celebrity positivity."

Even if it becomes only for myself, I wanted a little niche on the WWW where people can be appreciated and admired for all the things weight gain and break-ups seem to trump.

Here you will find inspiring news about my favourite celebs, at least, and maybe down the road, it will make you consider others - including celebs - in a more positive light.

Now, to the true beauty!

xo, V

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