Wednesday, July 21

sandra bullock, blake lively and others speak up on behalf of 'gulf coast'

A few of my favourite folks ever have gotten together in order to do some promo work for the Gulf Coast disaster. They've teamed up with "Be the One" which is an effort of the 'Women of the Storm' organization.

Much like the Gulf Coast, Sandra Bullock certainly knows a thing or two about being blindsided.

The Oscar winner has joined forces with the likes of Blake Lively, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews and other famous folks to encourage others to sign a petition demanding that leaders take the necessary steps to restore and protect the Gulf Coast in the wake of the recent oil spill.

“What can you offer?” asks Sandra. “Your voice. Speak up.”

Sign it. Share it. Be the One.

SO glad to see my best girls Sandy and Blake (as well as my favourite chef, Emeril) doing some work in order to bring aid to those (including animals and wildlife) who need it. Hopefully little to no more damage will be done to the area and the natural environment can be restored to its prior beauty. The more support they get, the better their odds right? I signed my name for sure, using a NYC Zip Code, lol. Hey, it's better than nothing right?! View more info about the cause as well as the Restore the Gulf TV Spot after the jump.

Visit to add your name to the petition. You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Presented by Women of the Storm, a wonderful foundation of women who gathered in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to re-build homes, families and lives across America.

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