Tuesday, August 3

daniel radcliffe records psa for lgbt charity

Harry Potter himself - Daniel Radcliffe - has recorded a lovely segment for the Trevor Project, which is an organization focused on support for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Questioning) teens. Of course, this is something close to my own heart, as I just spent five years surrounded by hot topics in the field of human sexuality, such as LGBT issues, among others.

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe has lent a powerful voice to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining crisis support and suicide prevention amongst the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) teen community. His commitment to this cause hits close to home: “It’s something I’ve always been quite passionate about. Because I grew up around gay men, it was always a natural thing to me.”

Taking to the camera to record a public service announcement, Radcliffe unveils alternative solutions to reckless suicide: “If you’re feeling helpless or hopeless, there’s always a safe place to turn.”

In his public service announcement, the actor relays a principle message to his listeners, “Be proud of who you are.”

This article is from a little while back but I don't think I was blogging at the time. Anyways I recalled reading it when I was doing some digging for Harry Potter news and came across it again. I'm so glad Daniel is putting himself out front and using his immense popularity and influence in order to bring the Trevor Project to a greater population. I've known about Dan's many projects, as I've been obsessed with him a fan of his ever since he was cast as Potter. I know he is also heavily involved with Demelza House (a charity for children with life-threatening illnesses) and reaches out to his fans asking for donations in lieu of sending him birthday and Christmas gifts, which is so responsible of him. Read more from this article after the jump.

The organization offers a free and confidential prevention hotline – (866) 4-U-Trevor. “You can talk to someone 24 hours a day,” Radcliffe says. “There are about 160 people in total who work around the clock, and that number is obviously growing over time. It is an incredible thing.”

Founded in 1998, The Trevor Project was started by a group of filmmakers whose film, “Trevor,” won the 1994 Oscar for Best Short Film about a gay teenager attempting suicide. Now a nationwide leading outreach resource for at-risk LGBTQ teens, the organization’s trained counselors and prevention hotlines aim to save lives and foster comprehensive safe home and school environments for youths at risk.

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