Wednesday, June 23

emma watson is "classy"

Vanity Fair is featuring a book by Derek Blasberg called “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady" which features none other than my best girl, Emma Watson. Does the girl have ANY flaws?

In the book Blasberg goes through the qualities that define classy women in the twenty-first century – one of the models he uses to illustrate his examples is none other than Emma! Accompanying a brief blurb is a quaint little photo!

When you write a book about classy women, people tend to want to know whom you consider the classiest of all. And while I’ve just listed about two dozen shining examples, the one I think of most is actress Emma Watson. In the public eye since the age of nine, in the most successful movie franchise of the first decade of the millennium, and a veritable fashion force—it might be easy for such a person to lose her footing in the real world. But not Emma: smart (she goes to an Ivy League school), thoughtful (she doesn’t forget birthdays), and sweet (her go-to gift is a delicious fruit basket, as I learned in April), Emma is aces! Here she is at Sonia Rykiel’s 30th-anniversary party, in Paris, in October 2008.

The girl doesn't even forget birthdays. God I love her...

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