Saturday, June 26

miley cyrus debuts shorter hairdo

Thaaaaaaank youuuuuuu for this one! Miley "I'm-not-trying-to-be-slutty" Cyrus has finally rid herself and the world of her tatty, waist-length extensions and burnt pumpkin-hue and is now sporting a healthier, more natural head of hair. I never thought this day would come.

Miley Cyrus took it off!

A few inches off the bottom of her hair, at least.

The 17-year-old ditched her waist-length extensions for a lighter, shoulder-length wavy hairdo, which she debuted at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Canada, Sunday night.

Ugh, I hope more and more celebs (and regular peeps included) ditch disgusting extensions in favour of showing their (could it be?) real hair. I've always hated extensions for a number of reasons... One, because it's not cool if people know they're extensions. It's like asking me to feel your boob job. Don't tell us, DUH. Two, people get them so damn long that it's so unrealistic that you obviously assume their hair is fake. And that looks custy. And three, you have dead hair SEWN onto your scalp. I'm even disgusted by my own ends, never mind dead-for-real dead ends that used to belong to someone else. God, I was so over this before this was even popular. Read more about Miles' defending her new trampyness after the break.

Cyrus, who co-hosted the show, also stripped down to a skimpy, mesh leotard to perform "Party in the USA." Just a few days ago, she declared, "I'm not trying to be slutty."

She defended the look to backstage. "I think that's fine. I just love performing. I definitely just feel most comfortable. I don't take myself too seriously."

"We are up there just dressing up; we are just having fun," continued Cyrus, who donned a white leotard for her second performance of "Can't Be Tamed." "It's about the girls and guys who are living their dream playing dress up. I don't walk around in a bikini and bright red lipstick all the time. Cause that's just who you are when you are performing and what goes into that song."

She can defend this all she wants... She can call it "performing" and she can say she "doesn't take herself seriously" BUT, she knows and I know and the whole world knows that every girl under the age of 18 idolizes her and therefore, if they weren't already sluts before, they are now. We need more Hils-D's keeping it real up in this joint!

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